Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

Education Program

At Large Information

For the first time in the history of the Education Program at CRPC, students who wish to take advantage of the occasion to explore the clinical intersection of psychoanalysis and religious experience with us, without enrolling in the program, may now do so as a student “at-large.” In so doing, such students and working professionals alike may receive:

  • Transferable Elective Credit
  • Continuing Education Units (45 hours per course)

Typically, our theory courses that explore this intersection of psychoanalysis and religious experience in a manner that is often remarkably formative for clergy, mental health professionals, spiritual directors, seminary faculty and students, or students of social work, counseling, or clinical psychology, which informs the respective trajectories of such educational and professional pursuits.

To inquire about this opportunity, or to begin the process of enrolling in a course click here.