Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

Education Program

Course Descriptions

The following is a list of courses offered through CRPC’s Education Program.

CTh 900 | Counseling Theories I: Foundational Theories of Psychoanalysis and the Formation of Religious Experience

CTh 950 | Counseling Theories II: The Clinical “Self‘

Foundational Counseling Theories: Courses in psychoanalytic/counseling theories address the origins of Self Psychology by providing an in-depth background in the foundational theories of Freud and others. It continues with a sustained focus on Self Psychology, then highlights current developments in contemporary psychoanalytic theories in conversation with Self Psychology.

CT 900 | Counseling Techniques:: Integrative Case Conference

Counseling Techniques: Counseling techniques and professional development will cover interdisciplinary case conference. The purpose of this two-year sequence is to provide an accompaniment to students’ practicum and internship experiences. This class will explore the practical implications of the theoretical foundations of counseling, and develop professional skills needed to enable a counselor to understand presenting problems, best practice recommendations, and effective intervention strategies.

SCF 900 | Social/Cultural Foundations of Counseling: Religious Culture and Tradition In and Beyond the 50-Minute Hour

Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling: Courses in social and cultural foundations, religion and spirituality introduce the psychotherapeutic complexities of working in a multicultural, multiracial world, and develop a broadened context for the clinical understanding of religious phenomena by viewing religious life from a variety of perspectives and examining a variety of different religions.

HD 900 | Human Development for Pastoral Counselors

PE 900 | Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues for Pastoral Counselors

Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues: Courses will cover professional, legal and ethical issues, following the ACA code of Ethics, and especially as related to Illinois law. Issues surrounding the counseling relationship, informed consent, professional boundaries, confidentiality, criminal liability, HIPAA, duties to report, documentation and social media. Courses will also provide exposure to theories in relation to the moral character and personality of the therapist.

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