Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

In the wake of the tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd, a Minneapolis African American, at the hands of a White police officer in May, 2020, our nation has been forced to undertake much soul-searching and reckoning. With heavy hearts, we watched our country unravel as deep-seated systemic issues of racism and bigotry came to the fore. Even self-identified progressive institutions came to recognize in their ranks a complacency and complicity in the problem at large. At the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago, we too looked inward. Upon close examination, we determined shortcomings in our attitudes, educational programs and institutional hierarchy. During our period of reflection, we also discerned areas of opportunity to evolve and grow.

CRPC is first and foremost an organization devoted to the alleviation of suffering and the improvement of lives through the medium of psychotherapy. As such, we have a unique opportunity — indeed a responsibility — to make a positive contribution to change. In our clinical work, we regularly are witness to racism’s pernicious effects on both the life of the community and individual psychological health. Consequently, we recognize the paramount importance of creating a safe space for clients, students and clinicians alike.

We commit ourselves to identifying and implementing ongoing initiatives to increase our sensitivity to issues of diversity and inclusion. These areas of focus include an active recruitment of clinicians of color, a thorough evaluation and restructuring of our curriculum to highlight issues of racism inherent in the delivery of psychotherapy, and sensitivity training for staff members. In short, we recognize that we have been part of the systemic problem, and pledge to be part of the solution.

We invite you to join us on our journey towards developing personhood and fostering wellbeing.

Unanimously approved by the Board of Directors,
Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago
January 27, 2021