Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

CRPC Staff and Board

The staff of the Center consists of experienced clinicians trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and in the engagement of the spiritual and religious dynamics of human experience. Each member of the staff holds a master's or doctoral degree from a major university or seminary, has engaged in extensive clinical training. All staff members are licensed by the state of Illinois as Clinical Professional Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, or Psychologists. Several staff members are, in addition, certified by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Members of the staff represent a variety of different faiths and approaches to religious and spiritual life. The intake coordinator will see that you are referred to a therapist whose orientation best fits your needs.

Administrative Staff

Clinical Staff

Clinical Interns

Board of Directors

Education Program Faculty

  • Catherine Burris-Schnur, D.Min., L.C.P.C. Executive Director, CRPC.
  • Myron Krys Florence, PhD (ABD).
  • Leah Gipson, LCPC, ATR-BC.
  • Gloria Grasse, Ph.D., Director of Education, CRPC.
  • Richard H. Reinhardt, PhD (ABD).